While the term “flow” is most often discussed in terms of work and creativity, it’s hardly a secret that pharmacies and retail stores attempt to create flow states of their own. With careful design, all aspects of your environment — the flow of work, of people, and of product — can be harmonized and optimized. The design services offered by Shelving Design Services are an important step for many businesses.

Overview of Our Design Services

Shelving Design Systems offers complete, start-to-finish design services. More than just space planners, our designers are NCIDQ certified licensed Interior Designers, members of the International Interior Design Association, actively participate in continuing education classes to stay abreast of styles and trends, and remain up-to-date on the trends impacting our customers’ businesses.

Our planning and design services include:

  • ADA and HIPAA compliance
  • Codes and regulations
  • Space Planning and Traffic Flow
  • Fixture Design
  • Color and Material Selection
  • Removal of Existing Equipment
  • Delivery and Installation of New Equipment
  • Computed Aided Drafting Floor Plans and 3-D Plans
  • Site Examination and Field Measuring
  • Collaboration with Architects and Contractors
  • Budgeting
  • Archival of Drawings and Fixture Data for Future Growth

Retail Store Design

While the factors above are often shared between retail store design and pharmacy design, there are also some important differences between the two. Retail shelving needs to change with customer demand, seasonal patterns, and changes in traffic. That calls for a layout that’s as flexible and responsive as your team, and our shelving systems are built to deliver. We pay close attention to how your product mix and traffic evolve over the course of the year to ensure that everything — aisle layouts, traffic patterns, fixtures, and even colorways — reinforces your sales goals.

Pharmacy Design

While we enjoy our retail work, we positively thrive on the challenges faced by pharmacies. The pharmacy workflow process is different for the stakeholders and for us. Further differences come into play, with the nature of the space dictating the type of pharmacy shelving.

Retail Pharmacies

Retail pharmacies come closest to our retail operations, since most pharmacies augment their dispensary role with a complement of other things a busy person might need, from surgical supplies and vitamins to more quotidian items like greeting cards, toiletries, snacks, cleaning supplies, and gift items. However, HIPAA, FDA, and DEA regulations, as well as a wide (and ever-growing) variety of state and local ordinances also drives design decisions.

Specialized Pharmacies

There are, of course, pharmacies the inside of which the public rarely sees. Closed-door pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, long term care pharmacies, and hospital pharmacies may not require a homey touch, but our design and planning process is no less thorough for that. After all, improving the pharmacy design as part of the overall pharmacy workflow process means better compliance, less chance of human error, and a working environment that keeps employees happy and productive. Our design approach scales easily whether your pharmacy dispenses in the dozens or in the tens of thousands.

Your business shelving needs may seem daunting — the average business owner can’t match Shelving Design Services’ 150 years of combined expertise, after all — but they need not be insurmountable. A simple phone call or email can initiate your shelving design consultation and introduce you to a new world of possibilities.

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