This is What We’re Made Of.

Shelving Design Systems is a specialized retail and healthcare design and installation firm. We create innovative store displays that improve spaces—better layouts, smarter workflow, and more meaningful customer interaction—through use of the highest quality materials, design and space planning.

We’re fully full-service.

A one-stop shop—sales, design, manufacture and installation.

We’re trusted.

With a long history in the retail and healthcare industry, many jobs completed, compliances and codes met and many difficult spaces filled means we have the unique know-how to make any project a roaring success.

We are more than the sum of our parts.

We have 150+ years of experience in this industry between us. We know it’s a lot. We think it’s a big deal, because it includes not only sales gurus and experienced project managers, but in-house woodworking expertise (which adds up to 40 years right there).

We’re something else.

A rare combination of creativity, experience and full-service focus. We’re artisans, not just planners. And we don’t just put together the pieces of standard systems—we can make any idea a reality.

Let’s Make It Exciting.

Every space is unique. So Shelving Design Systems starts each project with a conversation: a client check-in that helps us understand your point of view so we can create something just right for your business, right down to the final square foot.

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